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Kanan Devi: Tributes

KANAN’s co star in Shesh Uttar and Jawab, Jamuna is in reasonable health for her eighty two years but suffers from loss of memory. Yet, her eldest son Shri Deb Kumar Barua permitted us to meet her. We were told that they were good friends and the closeness developed during the shooting of these two films. KANAN in her autobiography has recalled the warmth of Jamuna as a friend……. When I joined films as a junior technician (cameraman) Kanan Devi had turned producer and I hardly had any occasion to even talk to her and maintained a respectful distance. Later I have gone to her for different reasons and apart from being always helpful and encouraging, she was very motherly in her ways…. In our childhood, we were just not allowed to see films. Later in college, when we showed interest in Suchitra Sen, the elders in the house reminded us they had their own Kananbala to be proud of…..


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