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Kanan Devi: Tributes

Such an artiste will never be born again……………. I was about six or seven when I saw MUKTI and was fascinated by her acting and songs and I went on adoring her with the other films that followed…… My father was an engineer working for Railways and we came to Calcutta in the mid forties and soon I was in films with Bhabikaal (1945). My original name was Kananika but when I joined films it had to be changed because it was too close to kanan … I first saw her while she was shooting for Chandrasekhar (1947) but a closeness developed duringthe making of Mejdidi (1950). This friendship increased as days passed and was maintained till the end…….

As a member of Mahila Shilpi Mahal I saw how concerned she was about the welfare of each one of us, always eager to know about us and always ready to help when in need. Even from her sickbed she would inquire about my problems, my well being. I repeat such an artiste will never be born again with so much of love for anyone and everyone she knew………


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