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                                   SHESH UTTAR


Manoj (Barua) suffers from a problem of forgetfulness and is going to Allahabad

to Rai Bahadurís (Ahindra Choudhury) place for treatment but the train takes an

unscheduled stop at a small station and Manoj gets off simply because his diary

says that it is time for morning walk. He misses the train but is offered shelter by

station master Ram Ratan (Jogesh Choudhury) while his grand daughter Meena

(KANAN) has to look after the patient-guest. Meena has to cope with the demands

of the aimless, self absorbed Manoj, who falls in love with the poor and simple

Meena, as she sings for him, sits beside him when he eats and accompanies

him during his morning and evening walks. She loses her heart too but is careful

not to express it being worldly and wise. Natthu (Bikram Kapoor), Manojís man

servant arrives to take him back to Allahabad and Manoj leaves appealing in his

unworldly manner to Meena never to forget himÖReba (Jamuna), Rai Bahadurís

daughter and a staunch feminist receives Manoj. Manoj and Rebaís wedding is

fixed already but Manoj hates Rebaís modern ways and her free mixing with

Barin (Ratin Banerjee), Kumar Saheb (Biman Banerjee) and others. Reba is

initially intolerant about Manojís interference but gradually likes being lorded

over.The contrast between the two girls is pretty clear and Manoj is clearly

in favour of Meena but hesitates  in view of the promise made earlier to Rai

Bahadur. Reba understands where Manojís priorities lie and adopts a

villainous attitude to incur Manojís wrath so that it becomes easy for him to

change his mind regarding marriage. Manoj, by then cured of his ailment,

does not show any inclination to stop the proposed wedding with Reba but on

the day of marriage it is Reba who fetches Meena and explains that she would

be a misfit in Manojís family. Manojís mother (Debabala) and sister Rekha

(Krishna) are also happy at the sudden change of brideÖÖ..        



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