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Childhood friends Bhulua (Saigal) and Manju (Kanan) are street singers, Bhulua sings and Manju dances
to his tunes. They dream of working on the stage in Calcutta and find their way to the city and reside in it’s
slums. Stage actor Amar Chand (Sailen Choudhury) hears them sing one day and brings them to Trilok
Nath (Amar Mallick), who owns a theatre. Manju gets a job here and Bhulua is happy and eagerly starts
training Manju. Manju is initially hesitant about Bhulua not getting a job but is pressurized by Bhulua to take
up the assignment and she becomes a great success as a singing and dancing star of the theatre……..
Manju’s star status brings them to a new house where she is kept surrounded by Amar Chand. Bhulua
is in two minds about Manju’s preferences-Trilok acts villain and tries to create tension between him and
Manju. Star Manju is not always willing to submit to Bhulua’s likes and dislikes. Bhulua is not given a job
in the theatre as promised earlier……..
Manju revolts however when she is asked to sing a song tuned by Bhulua because the authorities
insist on a change of tune which she feels would just kill the song. She leaves the job and comes home
only to hear Bhulua’s song on the radio. She is furious that Bhulua did not think it necessary to tell her
that he had a job in the city radio and comes back to the theatre agreeing to sing the song in any tune

that was set by them……

His talent recognized, Bhulua now feels unhappy about his strained relations with manju and goes to the
theatre to find Manju singing his song in a tune that was beyond his imagination. Bhulua leaves the theatre
to come to the streets to where he belonged. Manju realizes her mistake to come back to him and in a
symbolic landscape a boat is shown washed ashore in a storm…. The two are united…….



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