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Jahar (Manoranjan Bhattacharya) is the survivor of ninety nine snake bites through

rigorous discipline and abstinence and requires just one more to establish supremacy

over the snake world whereby snake poisons would have no effect on him.  He is the

undisputed leader of a nomadic tribe of snake charmers although Bishun (Ratin

Banerjee) wants to head the group….. Jahar saves a young girl from snake bite and 

finding her helpless from loss of memory, provides her shelter but his acquired dislike

for women makes him raise the girl disguised as a boy-he calls her Chandan

(KANAN) and even administers herbs to subdue female traits in her………..

Jhumro (Pahari Sanyal) is Jahar’s favourite disciple and he trains Chandan to be a

worthy member of the group and also likes “him”…….Moutushi (Menoka) is a girl

in the group and is attracted to Chandan…In course of time  Jahar feels attracted by

Chandan-he finds it difficult to pursue his cherished dream of lording over the snake

kingdom, he starts losing self control ….Over a trivial matter, a fight develops between

Bishun’s son Tentul(Shyam Laha) and Jhumro one evening and with the former

insulting and getting violent with  Jhumro, Chandan cannot stay quite and jumps

between the two to intervene and in the tussle that follows her chest covering is torn

displaying to shocked spectators that she was a girl …..Bishun excites the members

that they have been cheated by  the leader who while advocating celibacy on one

hand was sheltering a girl in disguise on the other. Jahar meanwhile tries to come to

terms with himself , when he is informed that Jhumro has eloped with Chandan. Mad

at the possibility of losing his beloved, he lets the deadliest snake, the kaal nagini,  free 

with instructions to bite Jhumro .Chandan has no way but to come back to Jahar with

appeals to save Jhumro. She agrees  to be sold to the great patriarch in return of

Jhumro’s life,  for only Jahar can save Jhumro from the effects of the bite…..

Satisfied that Chandan will be his forever, Jahar chants the mantras to revive his one

time favourite disciple .…… With Jhumro gaining consciousness, Chandan bids him

farewell and asks him to leave ….she now belonged to Jahar….There is a change

in Jahar when he finally realizes the inseparability of his two disciples and he asks

Jhumro to leave with Chandan-it was time to receive his hundredth snake bite…….

Jhumro leaves with chandan while Jahar takes up the deadly snake to be bitten,

but does not chant the mantras to counter the poison …..for him there is no other

mission but to reach God, he has to perform penance, he chants Shiva Swambhu



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