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  Mad with fury at the news of brother Hiranakshya’s death at the hands of Lord Vishnu,
  demon king Hiranyakashipu (Ahindra) orders stoppage of Vishnu Puja in his kingdom.
  His son Prahlad (Jyoti) however is a staunch Vishnu worshipper, his faith having
  developed ever since he was in his mother’s womb. Sensing this, his father sends him
  for training at Shukracharya’s ashram but he is taught by his sons Shanda and Amarkya
  their father being busy with prayers elsewhere. After training, Prahlad is subjected to
  tests and finding him still a follower of Vishnu his father orders that Prahlad should be
  beheaded. The sword however breaks into pieces. A snake is then sent to him but
  withdraws when Prahlad chants Vishnu mantras. Sent next to be trampled by a mad
  elephant, Prahlad is saved when the animal calms down and takes him off for a ride.
  The general Sambar is ordered to have Prahlad thrown into the sea but he refuses
  to obey the king so Prahlad is saved again. Finally the king orders his son to be
  thrown in burning fire-the cries of mother Kayadhu (Santi Gupta) goes unheard.
  Prahlad is picked up and saved from the fire by Vishnu….the entire demon kingdom
  starts rejoicing at the miraculous powers of Prahlad obtained through devotion to Lord
  Vishnu and defies Hiranyakashipu’s orders about Vishnu Puja…….
  Finally Vishnu himself comes to the rescue of the subjects and  as NARASIMHA ,
  kills the demon king……




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