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Path Bendhe Dilo Story . . .

                             PATH BENDHE DILO


Deep Narayan is the proprietor of Raigad estate. In the absence of a guardian,

he leads his life in his own carefree way….Suryasankar, Dewan of Meenaghat

proposes marriage with Rajkumari Chandra (KANAN), which appears curious

to Deep Narayan and instead of coming himself, he sends a friend to meet the

princess. The friend reports back to him that the princess had not met him and

had sent a cousin. Deep Narayan now gets interested in the princess and

takes appointment as a law officer in Meenaghat under a fake name Jagdish

Prasad. An accidental meeting of the two takes place and each is impressed

by the other. Their meetings continue and they are very much in love with

the other. Suryasankar does not approve of this relation and fixes up the

princess’ marriage elsewhere and Chandra is in a fix not daring to disobey

her late father’s friend. The law officer learns about the forthcoming marriage

and leaves Meenaghat and takes refuge in one of his jungles. At the last

moment Chandra says that she must meet her law officer and goes to the

jungle, but feels cheated when the Suryasankar appears on the spot and

tells her that her law officer was really Deep Narayan. However, there is

a rebellion in the jungle and when Deep Narayan goes out  to tackle it

single handed, she brushes aside Suryasankar’s reservations about

Deep Narayan and goes after him to bring him back……



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