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Nityananda’s (Shyam Laha) music school has a speciality.The students are taught new

songs and for this purpose a poet (Naresh Bose) is at service. However, the school

does not run well and is on the verge of closure. Sati (KANAN), a student of the school

brings a gramophone record one day and plays it to Nityananda, who decides

immediately to appoint the poet and composer of the song as his school teacher to have

new songs for his students…………..

After a thorough search, poet Ananta Roy (Saigal) is found from a remote Bengal village and he is persuaded to be part of Nityanand’s school. By a coincidence Ananta’s city

abode makes him Sati’s neighbour. The two meet and Ananta gives out his heart to teach

such songs to Sati that she is recognized as an accomplished singer. Nityananda arranges

a stage show for the inauguration of his school with a new look. Ashutosh Banerjee (Ratin Banerjee)

is invited to preside over the function. Sati’s songs are widely acclaimed and she

becomes an instant hit while poet Ananta is neglected with no one being interested about

the poet or the composer. Meanwhile, Ashutosh approaches Sati’s father (Dinesh Das)

and asks for her hand in marriage, which takes place early. Ananta ,already in love with

Sati cannot accept reality and goes back to his native place after a failed attempt to stop the

wedding. Sati is in the midst of wealth, a loving husband and glory as a singer but she

realizes that the major credit for her success goes to Ananta ,who is languishing in oblivion. 

She gets restless and tells her husband about the talent of Ananta who is persuaded to come

to the city once again by Ashutosh and with Ashutosh’s help gets fame, recognition and a

position in society. He understands that behind Ashutosh’s interest lies the silent inspiration of

Sati and mistakes this as love for him. He openly lays his claim to her, mistaking Sati’s

gratitude as love. Misunderstood by husband and chased by Ananta, Sati’s life is in

doldrums but Ananta sees the writing on the wall and the couple is reunited……….


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