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Father Bholanath (Amar Mallick) is conservative and a lawyer by profession

while son Dilip (Bhanu Banerjee-S) is young and modern. They clash on the

issue of the son’s future-the father wanting Dilip to study law while the son is

interested in music and wants himself established as a musician. Dilip leaves

the comforts of home to try out his luck. Bholanath is upset but his doctor

friend Jagabandhu (Sailen Choudhury) brings little Anita (as child Chhabirani

and KANAN as adult) from a poor family to console him and Bholanath

promises to raise Anita  as his own daughter……

Anita grows up to be a beautiful and fashionable girl and is equally

enthusiastic about music pursuing it passionately much to the distress of

Bholanath but he does not pose any problem this time. He fixes up Anita’s

marriage to the rich barrister Supriyo (Indu Mukherjee) although Jagabandhu

is not in favour of this marriage at all…. Anita’s class mate Alok (Jiben Bose)

stays in Ranchi and his mother Mrs Chatterjee (Rajlakshmi Debi) invites

Anita to perform at a charity show to help victims of flood. Anita rushes to take

part in it. She is the lone passenger in a first class compartment and at night

suddenly a young man boards the train and before he can explain his conduct 

Anita fires him and he has no other way but to stop the train by pulling the

chain, pay the fine for doing so and get out. Anita does not know that the man

is Dilip, son of her foster father. She reaches Ranchi safely and in time finds

out that the young man in the train is the leader of the young group of boys

and girls who are the chief patrons of the programme in which she is to

participate. She notices that while the entire young generation is crazy

about her, Dilip keeps to himself not showing any interest in her. At a time

when Anita is getting tired of all the flattery, Dilip comes to her with some

hard words regarding her performance in the trials and Anita realizes that

he is in love with her after all. She develops a weakness for Dilip but their

problem is that she does not know her lineage while Dilip keeps his a secret.

When the local youth discover that they have been defeated and that Anita

has given her heart to Dilip they are about to revolt on the day of the show

but has to accept defeat once again in face of Dilip’s warmth and commitment.

Bholanath in the meantime falls sick and Anita has to rush to him but is late

and finds that her foster father had passed away leaving his estate to his

estranged son and that she has been left with practically nothing to depend upon.

Dilip takes over and it is up to him to rehabilitate Anita and win back her heart.    


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