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Prashanta (Barua) is a painter and is happy within his own world with

an unflattering view on modern society. His loving wife Chitra (KANAN)
belongs to this very class and wishes that Prashanta should also be

part of it and that his talent  be recognized in her circle……..

Chitra’s father Mr Mallick (Sailen Choudhury) does not consider
Prashanta’ profession to be an honourable one and does not care

for art. Tension builds up between the young couple-while each is

committed to the other, outside influence notably that of Bipul  (Indu Mukherjee)

 and his mother (Debabala) tends to spoil  their relations.

Bipul is revengeful because Chitra had rejected him and had opted

for Prashanta ………..


Matters take a turn for the worse when Prashanta fails to turn up at

a tea party arranged to introduce him to Mr  Mallick’s friends and it
is found that he was busy creating a nude profile of a model. Chitra
decides to leave him and in a fit of helpless anger, Prashanta
destroys his studio and leaves for the unknown in his car which is
found abandoned by a river side with a note for his wife saying that

he was relieving her of all commitments and bindings………

The scene shifts to the Assam hills where Prashanta is found in the

company of liquor shop owner Pahari (Pankaj) and his companion
Jharna (Menoka), the latter using her charms to seduce Prashanta.
Prashanta gets into a feud with the local leader (Amar Mallick) of
coolies and gives this villainous character a taste of  uncivilized
jungle culture when he fires a shot at him injuring his arm. The
leader does not forget the insult….
A party from Calcutta arrives in the scene, they intend to hunt and
also take a holiday in the jungles. In this party is present Chitra,
who in the mistaken belief that Prashanta is no more has tied the
knot to Bipul, who is also a member of the hunting team with his
father in law. The local leader has seen Chitra’s photograph in
Prashanta’s purse and in an opportune moment kidnaps her to
take   revenge. Mr Mallick and Bipul rush to Prashanta taking
him to be the culprit but Prashanta while reassuring them goes
in search of Chitra. She is found easily and in the fight that
follows kills the leader whose dagger hits Prashanta fatally.
Prashanta dies in Chitra’s arms repeating that he was freeing
her from all commitments ……..



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