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Mrityunjoy (Sanu Goswami) is a lawyer in Bhagalpur. His only son Arabinda (Bhaskar Deb) studies

in Calcutta and is a frequent visitor to the native place of friend Nitai (Indu Mukherjee). On such a

visit to Nitai’s village Arabinda has to marry Manorama (Padmabati) to save her honour. His mother

(played by Manorama) accepts Manorama as daughterin law but Mrityunjoy refuses to recognize

her on the ground that she did not bring enough dowry to find a legitimate place in the household.

He forces Manorama to leave the house and sends her back to her parents and tells his son not to

have any connection with his wife…………….

Arabinda cannot  disobey his father and to keep him happy, he remarries. The new bride Brajarani

(played by KANAN ) is educated but proud and ulta modern without a heart to understand the

finer feelings of Arabinda…….

Meanwhile, Manorama gives birth to a son Ajit (Binoy Goswami) who grows up with a constant urge

to see his father. He wishes to study in Calcutta but does not have the resources while Arabinda,

now independent and on his own refuses to help his own son remembering his father’s last wishes.

Finally, Arabinda’s childhood friend Nitai arranges for Ajit’s  education in Calcutta but Ajit’s only job

in the city is to search for his estranged father, so that he even fails to respond to his mother’s

desperate calls to be close to her at her death bed. Arabinda also suffers from poor health and very

late in the day Brajarani understands the reasons  behind his illness, his guilty conscience…….

Brajarani visits Manorama’s place to bring her back, but it is too late. She finds Manorama gasping

for breath……. But Manorama lives long enough to hand over son Ajit to Brajarani and her last words

for son Ajit is to accept Brajarani as his mother………




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