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Krishna (Dhiraj Bhattacharya) is the ruler of Dwarka while childhood friend

Sudama (Ahindra Choudhury) spends his days in dire poverty with wife

Sunita (Radharani). Sunita tells Sudama to visit Krishna once, perhaps he

would bring some happiness in their lives. Sudama has an urge to meet his

friend but does not want favours from him. He starts his journey and faces

difficulties on the way but Shree Krishna solves his problems and Sudama

reaches Dwarka. Krishna’s birth celebration functions are on and the gate

keeper slaps Sudama on the face taking him to be a beggar. The marks of

the slap appears on Krishna’s face and he comes running to his friend.

Sudama spends a few days with Krishna and takes leave and his friend

gives him the KALPAMALYA which is capable of giving him any two boons

that includes the kingdom of Gods as well. Narad (Mrinal Kanti Ghosh)

informs Indra (Tulsi Chakraborty) of the imminent danger and he takes

away the KALPAMALYA from Sudama. Krishna is aware of the happening

and sends Rukmini (KANAN) to Sudama’s place. Rukmini’s arrival changes

Sudama’s hut into a big palace. However,  Sudama wants Krishna’s friendship

only, not his favours. He decides to immolate himself with his wife. Krishna

appears at this stage to take charge……… 



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