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JOYDEB (25/12/26 at CROWN)-silent
Released again on16/10/31 at Emperial Cinema


Producer:  Madan Theatres                       Director   :  Jyotish Bandyopadhyay
Story      :  Haripada Chattopadhyay           Camera   :  Charles Creed


Co Stars :  Patience Cooper                    Tulsi Bandyopadhyay
                 Shailendra Banerjee               Kartik Dey
                 Satyen  Dey                          Binapani
                 Miss Hipolight                        Manorama
                 Shashimukhi                          Renubala
                                                             ( Her first screen appearance)
Role       :   Sriradha


Joydeb (1926) happened to be the first film of KANAN. Little did the little girl know then that she
would create history  in Indian cinema one day………….. Director Jyotish Bandyopadhyay
handled the child well and KANAN as a child became his admirer and depended upon him for
guidance-their association continued till 1935………Kanan's  fee for Joydeb was Rupees
Twenty Five, a handsome amount those days, but she received Rupees Five only, the rest
went to middlemen…….  Joydeb was also the first film of  Renubala, a popular stage heroine
and character actress in films …..Jahar Ganguly did a bit role in Joydeb. It is not known
generally that  this was his first film. The name of Gita (1931-silent) produced by Radha Films is
wrongly credited as his first film….
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