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Jayanta (Jahar Ganguly) studies in a Calcutta medical school and is always short of

money thanks to his spending habits. He asks for more from his father Dr Deendayal

(Ahindra Choudhury) ,who after bearing with him for long refuses to help. Left with no

other option Jayanta tells his father that he had married all of a sudden and therefore

needed the money to support his wife. His plan back fires when father visits the city

to bless his new daughter in law. Mad with despair Jayanta approaches nurse

Pratibha (KANAN) to help by playing his wife for a day and she agrees… for fun…

Deendayal arrives but decides to take daughter in law to his village hospital so that

his son can pursue his studies without a loving wife around to disturb………….

The orphaned Pratibha likes her fake father in law and agrees to go with him……

In the village Deendayal runs a charitable hospital in memory of his wife and she

devotes much of her time here in patient care much to the discomfort of

Dr Bhujanga (Bhanu Banerjee-S) , who has plans to remove Deendayal from

authority and take over all charge of the hospital. Pratibha’s nursing background

is not hidden from the shrewd Bhujanga who excites Deendayal against Pratibha

on one hand and tries to prove before a medical board that Deendayal has lost

his mental balance (by removing all movables from the hospital which makes 

Deendayal seriously upset) on the other….

Pratibha rises to the occasion and arranges to bring back the removed items to

their original place setting Deendayal at mental rest and Jayanta is able to prove

before the medical board that Deendayal is of sound mind…….

Her work over, Pratibha gets ready to leave…she is stopped by Jayanta who

asks for her hand in marriage ……Pratibha’s disputed parentage is also settled

when the matron(Indira Roy) who finds her long lost husband (Robi Roy) , reveals

that Pratibha is her daughter……………

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