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Kanan Devi: Tributes

As a child I used to listen to Kanan Devi’s songs played on the radio-I specially remember PRONAM TOMAY GHANASHYAM…… My father had good rapport with her and have sung with her also. I used to hear a lot about her from my father... Once I had the priviledge of receiving an award from her hands and it has been a proud moment for me….I remember a function at Rabindra Sadan where she was the chief guest while Hemantada (Hemanta Mukherjee) was singing. Those werethe last days of Hemantada and he was being let down by his own voice. Someone from the audience shouted WHY CONTINUE ? WHY DON’T YOU GIVE UP ? I saw that Kanan Devi just could not remain a silent spectator and asked for a microphone which was quickly brought to her. She stood up and asked-WHICH BROTHER OF MINE HAS SAID THIS? ARE YOU HEARTLESS ? HEMANTA HAS GIVEN YOU SO MUCH, WHY DO YOU FORGET THAT? There was pin dropsilence in the hall at once. This was her nature … There was something in her thatalways made me feel like calling her mother …


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