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CHAR DARVESH –Urdu-( 3/2/1934)


This film was also known as ARAB KA SAUDAGAR or MERCHANT

Producer : Radha Films  Direction : Prafulla Ghosh
Music : Radhacharan Bhattacharya  Lyrics : P.J.Mehera
There were twelve songs in the film including those of Miss Angurbala

Cast :   Miss Angurbala  //  Trilok Kapoor  //  Digambar Kumar
            Radhacharan Bhattacharya  //  S. Das  //  Binoykumar Goswami
            Shyam  //  Narayan  //  Koel

Reported as KANAN’S last film with Radha Films . However the dates do not
agree. She went on with Radha Films till late 1936 ,before joining the prestigious
New Theatres ,where she continued till 1941 before becoming a free lancer.
Her association with NT proved fruitful not only for her but also for the premiere
 film company of those days. Each and every film was a big hit bringing fame and
glory both to KANAN and NT. She was much sought after by Bombay producers
to work in their films ,something she never agreed to and no matter what the
incentive was it was always declined politely .Her popularity reached unimaginable
heights and her name became a household one and all this without much media
backing which in those days meant newspapers only , no magazines, periodicals
or gossip columns. Her popularity cut through state boundaries and she was the first
Bengal artiste to be known right across the country from Cashmere to Cape Comorin.
In fact she has been recognized as the FIRST STAR OF THE INDIAN SCREEN.
Her songs were popular too and at a time when records sold for three to four rupees
per piece she got royalty of some Rupees twenty five thousand quarterly at the
height of her singing career. This was simply fantastic .

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