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Chandrasekhar Story . . .



Pratap (Ashok Kumar) and Shaibalini (KANAN ) have grown up playing, singing

and studying together and they cannot think of any independent existence, yet,

Shaibalini is married off to Chandrasekhar (Chhabi Biswas) who is a great

Brahmin scholar but Shaibalini cannot adjust herself to the new environment,

neither can she forget Pratap. Loneliness looms large over her married life while

Chandrasekhar remains happily immersed in books…….

Lawrence Foster is an Englishman on duty in India and comes across Shaibalini

by accident and cannot forget her. He kidnaps her hoping to keep her as a

paramour. Chandrasekhar had been away at Nawab MirQasim’s (Nitish Mukherjee)

 palace on royal duty. When he finds his house empty on return he

misunderstands his wife and assumes that she has left on her own. Shaibalini

however does not remain prisoner for long and is rescued by Pratap, who hands

her over to his servant Ramcharan and leaves for Mir Qasim’s palace, a war with

the British appearing imminent…

Chandrasekhar is the royal astrologer and forecasts an unfavourable future for

MirQasim in case he wages a war against the British. The army chief Gurgan and

his lieutenant Taki Khan are traitors who instigate the Nawab in warfare and even

creates a misunderstanding between him and his Queen Dalni Begum (Bharati Debi).

Dalni is saved by Pratap but he himself becomes a prisoner in the hands of

the British…….

It is now Shaibalini’s turn to save Pratap and he agrees to take her help on condition

that she will forget him forever. Shaibalini has no other way but to agree ……..

Freed from captivity, Pratap now plunges into the war that has started already……

However, the results are disastrous for the Indians and the royal astrologer’s worst

fears look like coming true………. 




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