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A night in war time Calcutta.. The siren suddenly warns of an impending

attack.. Mamata (KANAN) takes shelter with brother Dulal at a trench,

but Dulal is inquisitive and runs out to see the fun and Mamata runs

after him…Prakash(Dhiraj Bhattacharya) ,who had also taken shelter

runs after them in case help is required and they come to know each

other…The siren sounds all clear and Prakash and Mamata go

their respective ways and thereafter it strikes to Prakash that he has

not taken their address…

Prakash’s father Satyashib (Sailen Choudhury) runs a rice mill and

leaves Calcutta for fear of bombs but his son stays back in the pretext

of looking after business. Prakash meets Dulal by coincidence and

goes to their house to find their impoverished condition. He offers to

help Mamata in a number of ways but she declines to accept. Prakash

even secures a job for Mamata in his own office but she refuses again.

The city gets flooded with posters of a film under production a nd

Prakash learns that Mamata is working here as an extra. He buys a

share of the film company and also plays the hero of the film. By then

Mamata’s talent is recognized and she is elevated to play heroine.

A dispute with the producer sees Prakash being left out of the project.

Satyashib learns about the adventures of his son from news papers

and comes to Calcutta but instead of sorting out matters gets into a

quarrel with his son and drives him out of the house…

Days pass and the father repents his action and comes to the studio

to enquire about his son. The film company has closed down by then

no one can trace Prakash…The old man is told however that

Prakash’s whereabouts can be found from heroine Mamata. The

father then starts his search for the heroine, the hero, for his son…




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