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Kanan Devi: Tributes

I have seen her recording sessions. She could record ten or even more songs at a time effortlessly-songs of different moods by different composers, different lyricists. Such a rich and gorgeous voice I have never heard before or after her……… Her songs are still in great demand.I first met Kanan Devi on my first or the second day at the studios. The production manager introduced me to the great star of the time-She smiled and held me close to her. The warmth in her was unmistakable. In later years our intimacy grew day by day-although I was much younger she accepted me as a good friend-She used to call me to her home if she cooked a special dish, thereafter we would go out for movies and after this session she would suggest eating out. After a delicious dinner at say Chung Wah we would go to the river side and take a stroll-those were the days of British Raj and I must say that women felt free and comfortable to be out at late hours without fear. Out of such meetings developed the idea of doing something constructive and The idea of MAHILA SHILPI MAHAL was mooted then. It is our bad luck that we could not maintain the house. We enjoyed a very close and very fruitful relationship.


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