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                        BANKA LEKHA


DebkantaRoy (Bipin Gupta) commits suicide when he is declared

insolvent and his children Rama (KANAN) and Kunal (Anup Kumar)

come to Calcutta in search of work. Kunal is yet very young and

makes demands to elder sister Rama, who finds it difficult to make

both ends meet. Prof. Guha is their neighbour in Calcutta and they

develop a relationship that is sometimes friendly and sometimes not.

Rama is attacked by hooligans while on a search for a job and is

rescued by Asit. Finally she takes up governess’ job not knowing

that the child Chhabi (Hashi) is Asit’s daughter. When she meets

Asit here, he tells her that he had no role in her appointment in his

house but it was really Chhabi’s choice. Rama’s involvement in the

affairs of the house increases, so does the time that she spends with

the family. She gets close to Asit and when his aunt, Mashima

(Suprabha Mukherjee) gets a hint, she Rama  to leave. Rama loses

her job but is haunted by lingering memories. Kunal feels that his

sister is moving away from him and in a moment of uncharacteristic

ruthlessness writes a letter with a crooked hand that changes the

course of Rama’s life………     



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