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Sibani (KANAN) and Mahim are childhood friends. Mahim’s father Bonomali

Roy is a village school master and goes beyond his means to get his son

educated and trained as a doctor. Sibani, herself an orphan and raised by an

uncle, considers Mahim’s training as a means to fulfill the cherished dream of

serving the downtrodden, together with Mahim. Mahim shares her feelings too.

Bonomali however falls ill with a paralytic stroke and Mahim comes home to

take his share of the burden of the family leaving his studies incomplete…

Cornel Choudhury of Medical College is distressed at the turn of events and

comes to meet Mahim’s father and pleads that he should be allowed to

pursue his studies and offers help in the form of  a marriage, that of Mahim

with his daughter Lalita (Chhaya Debi). Sibani is shattered and leaves the

village while Mahim and Lalita get married. After completion of training at

Calcutta Mahim is sent to London for higher studies and he returns with

flying colours and sets up a lucrative practice in the city. Mahim is a busy

doctor but has no peace of mind and cannot adjust with his wife, a high

society girl who has no time for her husband or child Khokan. He spends

most of his time outside and returns home for his son Khokan. At such a

time when Mahim is being driven crazy by Lalita, he comes to meet Sibani

in one of the dirtiest slums of Calcutta and his childhood dream of serving

the poor is rekindled………..      



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