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Samarendra (Bipin Gupta) has an artistic frame of mind and has brought

up daughter Sita (KANAN) and only son in a liberal atmosphere. ……

His sudden illness brings the family close to Dr Raghab (Kamal Mitra),

who does his utmost to save Samarendra’s life and gains the confidence

of the family and is regarded as a friend and well wisher. Raghab comes to

know that in Samarendra’s will has provision for equal shares of his estate

for his children and proposes marriage of his younger brother Kamal

(Purnendu Mukherjee) with Sita with an eye on the property. Samarendra

has blind faith in Raghab and knows nothing about Kamal other than the fact

that he is a graduate. Only after the marriage, Sita realizes that she has

fallen into Raghab’s trap for Kamal is totally dependent on his elder brother
for almost anything and follows his dictates without a question. Sita gets good

behaviour from Raghab and wife Soudamini (Reba Bose) but Kamal is treated

like an animal.Sita tries to instill confidence in him but he is happy to be in his

brother’s shadow. Sita’s misery increases when she finds that it is a sin in their

house to sing, to draw or even to admire beauty. She overhears Raghab’s

conversation and comes to know that  her marriage was a ploy so that Raghab

could lay his hands on  her father’s property . She goes to her father and tells

him to change his will. Her only relief and consolation is her daughter Uma

(Anubha Gupta) and she is determined that Uma should be educated and be

independent and should not fall  prey to her uncle’s greed. Uma goes to college

and is  attracted to a young professor Sukanta (Bikash Roy) who reciprocates her

feelings. Samarendra dies suddenly and it becomes clear that the will was changed

whereby nothing was left for his daughter. Raghab is furious at the disclosure and

drives out Sita  and Uma from their house on the pretext that Uma is lowering the

dignity of the family by getting close to a boy from a lower caste. All the while Kamal

remains a silent spectator but Sita has the courage to hand over Uma to her beloved

and take up a job as a teacher in a school. Here she passes her last days with

students and reminiscing her past….

One morning suddenly she finds Kamal in front of her cottage. The man in him has

woken up and he has come to his wife leaving behind his brother…… Sita’s days of

anguish are over, Kamal has overcome his weakness and is at her door…….    



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