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Surama (KANAN) is the star attraction of Ruby Theatres owned by her foster father.

The other theatre in the city, Bina,  relies heavily on Paresh (Pahari Sanyal), star

performer and crowd puller for Bina. The proprietor however considers Paresh to be

a paid servant. Paresh visits Ruby Theatres one day and is deeply impressed by

Surama’s performance. The two meet and the inevitable happens, they fall in love ..

Surama is called by Bina’s proprietor, who offers job but the atmosphere is so

repulsive that she feels insulted and leaves. Paresh does not take Surama’s insult

lying down and leaves Bina to join Ruby and their combined effort creates magic.

The two star lovers frequently go for long drives and on one such occasion when

the car gives trouble they cannot return to the city and take refuge for the night in a

poor village family. Here they get a taste of simple country life and also come across

a village couple. They are deeply moved by the  simplicity of what they see and decide

to quit the stage after marriage  and settle down in the country… Ruby’s proprietor is

happy to learn about their marriage plans but argues against their leaving the stage.

He appeals to Surama to imagine his condition in the event of closure of the theatre

which was bound to happen without her. The marriage takes place but Surama is

unable to keep both her husband and foster father happy and finally decides to

continue on the stage. Paresh misunderstands her and goes out to settle on his own 

as they had planned to do together. Surama finds it difficult to accept that Paresh has

left her and as fate would have it, is struck down with a disease that threatens to

silence her forever. Without the popular stars both theatres close down and Bina’s

 owner comes to Paresh begging pardon and requests him to take over the

responsibility once again. Paresh regains stardom but Surama languishes in her

sick bed but the star cannot escape from his duty…he cannot be vindictive and

comes back to his beloved wife and pulls her through…..



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